“The Workshop was very thought-provoking and really made me think about how little I know about my business.”

HB – Business Owner

“Peter carefully analysed what was required at the start and planned and delivered a highly participative series of programmes.”

“Feedback was very positive with many recipients confirming how it had “opened their eyes” to the commercial world in an exciting and encouraging way. I personally saw Peter in action as I was a regular speaker on the Programme (something that he had insisted upon). I was very impressed with his inclusive but focused style, which made all feel relaxed about contributing but always with a clear purpose and result in mind.”

“Another major piece of work we commissioned him to undertake was a turnaround project for a poor performing business area where there was significant sensitivity. He handled the task in a very systematic and purposeful way, winning over the team and showing great tact and tenacity. The end result was a positive immediate cashflow impact of £2.1m and profit growth of nearly £0.8m in a matter of months.”


“The informal feedback from the team so far has been very positive and everyone has been enthused in coming back to the workplace and incorporating Insights into the way we work within and outside the team.

The structure of the day always felt well paced and the content relevant, everyone was engaged throughout the day.”

HG – Purchasing Manager

“The message you delivered, the way you delivered it, and the clarity you brought to the whole art of selling and relationship management was pitched perfectly for who we are as a company.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that not only did your presentation resonate with us all, but that it’s given us invaluable tools AND reminded us of others that have maybe been lost in the mists of time!

I’m certain that as the year progresses the impact of the session will translate into the results we desire.”

NW – Director

“… a brilliant and thought-provoking presentation.”

SN – Sales Director

“(Peter) was very good and really caught the group’s interest talking about pricing. He was very friendly and informal and they had lots of questions for him. I think he could have talked for much longer and held their interest.”

JD – Economic Development Officer

“…it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you Peter. You have been unfailingly upbeat and positive… Of course, you have been completely efficient, diligent and professional.”

PM – Charity Secretary

“The Workshop was very informative and has given me many ideas to implement!”

AW – Business Owner

“I just wanted to add my thanks ….. It could not have been done without your help and support.”

JB – Chairman

“Peter provides the focused pause in daily management to create space to review and develop your own goals with immediate and outstanding results in business and personal life.”

JW – Director

“It was obvious from our very first meeting that his knowledge and experience were extensive, but even now the relevance and depth of guidance which he brings to our meetings is endlessly inspiring.

In addition to the purely practical aspect of what he offers to our company, he is a person of great integrity and kindness, professional and steadfast, and his support and guidance have been invaluable.

I recommend him to you without hesitation. I would go further and positively urge you to include him in your team. You will most certainly not regret it. We count ourselves as very fortunate to have met him, and to continue to have the opportunity to learn from him.”

ZP – Finance Director

“His informal but purposeful personal style in two-hour one to one sessions was both helpful and valuable (and belied the considerable preparation he had put in). He is well-read and well-trained in personal coaching techniques. I consider that with his support I mastered a new role and new disciplines and subsequently transitioned seamlessly to a new career direction.”

Former CEO

“Thanks for all of your help….. I was particularly struck by the attitude in the workshops, which came over as very corporate – I don’t think we would have been capable of such a debate even at the last Senior Management Conference [less than year ago]. So real progress.”


“It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years. I have very much appreciated your enthusiasm and commitment to our success as a business; sometimes it has felt you were almost ‘one of us’. (But not quite because you were always ready to challenge traditional ways of thinking!)”

“…thank you very much for the personal support, coaching and encouragement you have given to me as HR Director, this has helped me enormously over the years and I really appreciate it.”

EK – Group HR Director

“…I and several of my team, have had the benefit of attending your Management Development Programme. This was the most informative management course that I have attended in my 35 years with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Although it would be wrong to say I had learnt nothing from previous courses, I had come to view the need for attendance as filling the tick box.”

“The structure, content and delivery was excellent throughout the three modules. After the first module I was positively looking forward to the next sessions. I learnt a lot and put it into practice. Fortunately for the Branch so did all the others who attended the course. I know this because I made sure that I debriefed each member of our team after their attendance on the MDP module and continued to follow this up.”

“By putting into practice much of what we learnt we were last year the most successful financial Service Provider in FCO Services and I anticipate being up with the best this year. This success is not only down to individuals in the Branch but I firmly believe that this is Testament to the training that we received from you.”

JB – Head of Department

“Many thanks for all of the work that you have put into the Operational Delivery Model. I know that the team have really enjoyed working with you and are pleased to have contributed to such a valuable piece of work.

I am very pleased with the end result and was delighted with the reaction of the Directors. It provides us with a solid foundation to move forward in the near future.

I have really enjoyed working with you and have greatly appreciated your commitment, enthusiasm and support.”

KH – Chief Executive

“Peter was involved in the fundamental strategic review of the sales and marketing activity …. and the development of the department wide business plan. This involved extensive analysis, continuous communication, clear leadership and resulted in a well supported but radical change programme to modernize and prepare the department for the future.

As an indicator of the Department’s size; revenue from customers is on the order of £150million.

Peter has highly developed interpersonal skills an engaging manner and an ability to influence and lead across all levels of staff. He has absolute integrity and can handle delicate confidential matters, particularly concerning aspects of re-organisation and re-deployment, which is an inevitable consequence of change.”

PL – Commercial Director

“Since Peter shared just one of his methods on how to grow our business and our profitability we have used it with outstanding results – in the past 8 months we have generated £47,348 in new sales, now that is a result!”

NB – Business Development Manager

“Before I came across Peter’s approach to writing a business plan, I really wasn’t looking forward to sitting down to write my own. I kept putting it off, thinking that it would be a difficult and time-consuming task. But after following Peter’s business plan format I had mine written in under an hour. All the information I needed was in my head. I just needed something to help me transfer that to paper. Now I’m able to revisit and develop my business plan whenever I need to. It’s become a valuable, relevant and flexible tool in my business.”

YN – Author and entrepreneur