Random sometimes works

As were are in the late stages of the summer it is always one of those times of the year when nature seems to have plans to impress us further. I was walking along when I came across this wonderful bust of colour. So impressive.

What struck me the most was the complete random mixture of colour, height and texture. The flowers were almost certainly from the deliberate sowing of wild seed, rather than from seeds blowing in the wind. Such a delight to think that someone had made this happen….and then left nature to do the work.

It was a delight to see as I stopped and studied the random mixture, and whilst having no plan or any conformity, it all just works as a lovely splash of colour that made me stop, and made me smile. Soon enough I was on my way with the single thought of how often do I just let things land and then enjoy the ‘disorder’?

Nature seems to get away with this – and yet all too often I want to make sure that things are orderly and look planned. Perhaps I need to relax a little more and just let things happen, and see what emerges.

I am sure I will have some disasters – perhaps I may also have some pleasant surprises too.

I just need to keep my eyes, and, more importantly, my mind open for the next opportunity. Now that kept me thinking of the flowers as I carried on my way, and of the joy they were clearly bringing to so many people who passed by too.

My best wishes,


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