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productBusiness Plan On A Page

Most small businesses do not have a business plan.
Most small business fail.
A coincidence?

If you are a sole trader or a small business and do not have an up-to-date business plan you are probably not making your business as successful as it could be. This product is designed specifically for you. It is a straightforward approach to writing your business plan – one which you can write on one page – one you can write in one hour.

Note: Clients who have purchased this product have said the price must go up, stating ‘it undervalues the impact it makes at such a low price’. So…..buy now before the price increase.

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you?

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First Impressions

It is said “You don’t get a second opportunity to make a first impression!”
But, do you make that all-important first impression count?
So why don’t you remove that uncertainty right now?

This special report has been written with you in mind. It is a fast way to review yourself and even your business before you lose that first opportunity for ever. It is also your secret weapon to review other people and other businesses too.


Emailing – Are You In Control?

Are you getting to the point where you are being controlled by your emails?
Many busy business people are – well, just busy!
Discover how to get back in control……

Do you ever feel that the sheer volume of emails is getting overwhelming? If you answered ‘yes’ you are probably not as effective as you could be. This booklet is packed full of practical time saving things you can do right now. It will make you more effective, more focused, more in control. AND help sleep at night instead of worrying about the number of emails there will be waiting in the morning!

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you, the emails you still have to deal with?

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Financial Jargon Buster

“This booklet is really useful and every manager should have a copy next to their desk.”
A quote from a director of a major business.

Do you find that financial words, terms and phrases send your mind into a spin? If you answered ‘yes’ you are not alone, so why not demystify the jargon forever? Just a few words maybe stopping you or your business being as successful as possible. This booklet has been written to make the complex understandable. It removes the mystique of those mysterious words and frightening expressions so often used by financial colleagues and accountants. There is now no excuse to remain confused – is there? Just click below….

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you?

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E-Business Terms Jargon Buster

Many people struggle with E-Business expressions and acronyms.
You can seem out of date and out of touch.
Are you?

Do you ever think you’re getting left behind by the expressions used about on-line information and business? If you answered ‘yes’ you are probably not as successful as you could be. This jam packed booklet is designed specifically for you. It is straightforward, really easy to use, will help you dispel those mysterious and frightening expressions and help you to use them too!

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you?

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69 ways to make yourself the most awesome manager
“Management is the art and science of getting people to do the
amazing things they do.”
Ruth Spellman, CEO, Chartered Management Institute
 Are you capable of getting the best from your people? Do you create an atmosphere where high performance is normal, where people love their work and where they feel that they can do a great job? Where people want to come to work, give of their best and delight customers. Where the organisation is recognised as a place of excellence and has a great ‘buzz’.

Incredibly, most managers are ill equipped to manage the team and organisations they have been appointed to head as they have never invested in any management learning….ever! You can get the edge simply by using just some of the points highlighted in this booklet. It is written in a light hearted and very easy to understand way all with a serious intent to give you instant success.

All downloadable so you can take action right now! You and your people are worth it, so take action now…..

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How To Write A Top-Quality CV

Your CV is one of the most important documents you will ever produce. Is yours good enough?

It is a sad fact that the majority of people are ill prepared when they need an up-to-date CV. How many times have you prepared your latest version in the small hours of the morning when you are chasing a deadline? Is this the best way to create one of the most important documents you will ever produce? Of course not! This highly focussed booklet will help you create a brilliant CV quickly. It will take you step by step and show you what format to use. It is quick, it is easy, it is designed to help you right now. Remove the stress and have your CV ready for when you need it……it may be sooner than you think!


Lifelong Development – A Workbook For Professionals

   “Most people spend more on their daily coffee than they invest in their own development!”

A true statement!

They also spend more time reading about the latest fashion or sports page.

  • If you value your future more than a coffee you will find this workbook invaluable.
  • It provides a clear a journey through your own career, and creates clarity rarely experienced by many as they wonder what next to do.
  • A practical workbook that will create absolute focus and objectivity on your own development and your career.

What will it be – a cappuccino and the sports page or your future?


I Beat Back Pain So Can You

“They Said I Would Never Walk Properly Again But When I Climbed A Mountain In Tibet……”
Discover how I cured my back pain and how you could cure yours.

What I am sharing in this easy to read and comprehensive book is the journey I took myself. This covers so much that took years of my life to research – at considerable personal cost in time, money and pain. I can’t guarantee everything will work for you but I know the content of this book worked for me as I am living proof.

What I share are the secrets that I now take for granted. Secrets that enabled me to get to the base camp of the highest mountain in Tibet….when once I could barely climb the stairs. I am nothing exceptional – you too could follow in my footsteps.