The power of the mind recapturing memories

I was out and about the other day walking to a meeting with my mind busy thinking through to make sure I had everything ready. How I hoped the meeting would unfold. What I was aiming to achieve. How I could help the people I was meeting. Plus a few more thoughts I am sure.

Suddenly, as I walked past a wall, there was this wonderful smell hanging in the air. A smell that stopped me in my tracks so I could reverse and see where it was coming from. I simple green clump of vegetation that hung over a wall. The simple white flowers subtly displaying their petals to the light of the day. And yet, the pungent aroma was filling the air. Was it a year since I last caught this perfume in the air?

Rather than merely acknowledge the moment, and carry on on my way, the smell had transferred me back in time. Back to a place where the scent of these flowers reminded me of a past happy experience in a foreign country. Wow, to be transferred there so quickly, so easily, so powerfully was amazing. I smiled and remembered the time so vividly – even though it was more than 30 years ago. Yet that is the power of our minds. That is also the power of our senses.

I was grateful for the reminder of the memory. I was grateful that due to some experience I had locked away that memory. That experience tucked away for instant recall when the moment was right. It also reminded me that it is these memories, these experiences, these moments of recall that can make our lives so rich.

As I carried on my way I also wondered how many recent memories I had locked away for future recall. It is not that I had made the effort all of those years ago to deliberately ‘store away’ something. No, it had happened by pure chance….but how pleased I was that it was there.

As the summer carries on perhaps I need to just get on with some extra experiences that may lay down a new memory that in future years will resurface. Now how brilliant that is to add a new ‘credit’ into our memory bank, no knowing we have made an investment. But we do have to get out and make a mark on our life and take a few steps.

I know I will be making the effort to have some new experiences…..and who know what will end up resurfacing in the years to come, and make me smile and savour the past pleasures.

What about you – off to make a few investments soon? I do hope so.

My best wishes,


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