Insights Discovery is recognized by many as the best personal profiling instrument available in the world today. It will really help you learn about yourself, your team, your organisation and critically your clients. This knowledge will help you improve performance, and fast.

Before you go any further have a look at this short video – it is only 90 seconds and will really help you get a good idea of what we can do together:

 Fully bespoke workshops can be run which will be engaging and provide significant impact that can be transferred back into the workplace straight away. At the core of each programme is a unique, individual and confidential Personal Profile that runs to 20 pages of top quality information. This Profile reveals information about you and the impact you have on others you meet and work with.

When used individually, as a team or across a whole organsiation, the impact can be quite amazing. There can be brilliant positive change, a significant shift in improved communication, playing to strengths rather than worrying about weaknesses, a major step in positive regard and colleagues working well together. A true shift in employee engagement!

And this is only using the Foundation Chapter! If you require more, there are also Chapters that focus on:

  • Management
  • Effective Selling
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Interviews

All of the work is fully supported with top quality materials and a programme designed to have the impact you need.


  • Celebrate uniqueness, and play to strengths.
  • Build high quality relationships quickly.
  • See and value the other person’s perspective.
  • Create and develop teams that will perform impressively.
  • Help that ‘difficult’ person to perform and be valued.
  • Become an organisation that is ‘in tune’ and focuses on their customers.


Peter Johnson is a leading practitioner in Insights Discovery, a Mentor for a major part of the UK and a world leader as the first Accredited person of the more advanced programme, Insights Deeper Discovery. He will make everything clear in a vibrant and engaging way. The power of what you learn will be useable in your business activities straight away. It will also shine a valuable light on other parts of your life too.

If you want to go deeper, why not consider the next step with Insights Deeper Discovery. After studying in Switzerland, Peter became the first Licensed Practitioner to be accredited – globally. This short video explains more, it is also only 90 seconds – it’s value and working with Peter may be timeless. You decide if you are ready:


 A thought – most top leaders when asked what they wished they had known 10 years earlier to make them more successful did not say more about management, leadership, IT, business growth or strategy. They said they wished they had known more about themselves. So do you want to fast forward 10 years?

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If you would like a little more information the following Fact Sheets will help:


  1. Insights Discovery Personal Profile Outline
  2. Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness Program Outline
  3. Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile Outline
  4. Insights Discovery Team Dynamics Program
  5. Q & A Sheet


If you require more information on Insights Deeper Discovery, please arrange a diary time, also by calling either of the numbers above, or emailing.


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