What growth are you planning?

Spring is a wonderful time. As the year unfolds new life abounds with lambs, leaf and more as the temperature rises. The light becomes more intense, the days lengthen, the birds busy bringing up their young.

I was recently away for a few days attending a conference where people from many parts of the world converge. We listen to the latest thinking from well-respected professors and academics as they unleash their latest findings; the progress with their current research – always keen to tap into all those who have gathered, seeking feedback and debate.

It is a massively valuable few days with time to meet new people, renew old friendships and have our minds challenged, stretched, opened. This year lived up to expectation.

I knew I had a longish journey so needed to travel early to arrive at start of the conference. I also knew I would be driving, mid-week, on busy motorways that tend to get heavily congested at the peak ‘rush hour’ (which now seems to last two hours). Fortunately, I was up very early and managed to get underway before much traffic had built up. The value of this was rewarded as I neared my journey’s end. The picture I took was in a wonderful wood that I pass through. I stopped the car and took a few minutes to enjoy the heady perfume from the bluebells. To look at the wonderful contrast to the early spring green of the trees, as they too burst into life.

As I progressed the last few miles of my journey I was think of the bluebells and their shady habitat. I am sure many other motorists who travel this quiet country lane also see the wonderful colour, the subtle blue that will soon be gone for another year. All that is left will be the green of their leaves to merge into the floor of the wood. And yet they have had their say, given joy to those who have noticed and continued to pollinate and grow for the next year.

The words of our learning may also be a little like that too. We come, as on the occasion of this conference, to one place, listen to the words of the professors and academics and go away with new growth.

Yet it struck me, as I returned through the wood at the end of the conference, and saw the bluebells again, it is also up to me to make sure that my season of learning is a little longer that that of the flowers of the bluebell. I too must make sure that I grow throughout the year, so perhaps next spring, when I drive through the same wood I too hope I have grown a little more.

So what growth are you planning this year? If you need some thoughts do let me know – I may just be able to help.

My best wishes,


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