What a great end to the year!

d-of-e-diamond-peter-johnsonWhat a great end to 2016!

It has been a strange year personally, politically and professionally and, as always if we should review the year, some challenges and some fascinating opportunities.

It has also been a year when it seems that more people in the public eye have died. And who can forget the political upheave in the summer!

Anyway this is a short article to remind ourselves of just three landmarks that 2016 should be remembered for:

  1. Her Majesty celebrated her 90th birthday.
  2. The Prince’s Trust marked a 40 year anniversary.
  3. The Duke of Edinburgh‘s Award scheme marked a 60 year anniversary.

So all in all quite a ‘royal’ year.

It is the last landmark that I wish to comment on. To mark the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the D of E Awards there was a special award just for 2016 – The Diamond Challenge. This was open to everyone and offered the opportunity to undertake a challenge to commemorate the year. As I am always open to a challenge I decided that I must take part – it was such a wonderful way to celebrate the amazing work and achievements created by the Scheme. It was also a wonderful way to undertake a challenge that meant something at a personal level.

Well as you can see in the picture I took part, succeeded in reaching my goal, and due recognition has now been received. All the more important though – I got out and did something along with many thousands of other people, for a great cause. We all did different things; we all stretched ourselves beyond our unusual comfort zone, and helped celebrate the 60th anniversary.

You can mouse click here to see what some people did.

And in the process added something new into our memory banks – and what a great investment.

So, you may not have undertaken the D of E Diamond Challenge, but what of special note have you deposited into your priceless memory bank? Do take a moment to reflect and smile at your achievement 🙂

My best wishes,


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