Spending more on coffee than your own development…..?

FACT: Most people spend more on their daily coffee than they invest in their own development.

I have met many people who hold management positions who have never attended a single day of management development training – ever. These are people who have been appointed to manage others and deliver results for their organization. Now I find this interesting. I also find it shocking. I wonder if we would trust other people who have never been trained for their role. People such as the plumber fixing our gas boiler, the person who maintains our car and perhaps replaces the brake pads, our dentist. There is an expectation that as we move through our career management skills appear

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Lion ahead! I nearly missed you…..

I was in Trafalgar Square in London last week and it was busy as usual. People from many parts of the world taking pictures of each other in front of the famous fountains and lions. I was walking at some speed, as usual, from the tube station to a favorite café of mine that overlooks the square. It was a wonderful summers day and I decided to stop for a few minutes and take in some of the relaxed atmosphere of the early morning.

I was in a business suit, wearing one of my colourful ties and carrying a briefcase. When I stopped I got out a camera and took a few pictures, one of which

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What have you ringing in your ears……?

The sky was blue, the air fresh and the sun brightening everything up on a wonderful quintessentially English morning. I was walking along the river bank near Worcester Cathedral and it was a delight to see families out early with the children playing quietly or feeding the swans on the river. Also the air was filled with the ringing of the bells from the Cathedral. Apparently the bells are one of the best ‘rings’ in the world. A sound so familiar. A sound so stirring. A sound that I have heard so many times. Sadly, so often the pace of life means we do not stop the mental ‘noise’ that blocks out the splendid skill of the

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Training to keep an open mind

I was in London the other day visiting some clients and as the weather was good I decided I would walk as much as I could to enjoy the Christmas decorations and also get some exercise. I needed to cross the road at the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street to get to the opposite diagonal point – nothing particularly unusual and I was expecting to cross Oxford Street first then cross Regent Street.

While I waited to cross I noticed that after the traffic halted at the red lights on Oxford Street the traffic started to move on Regent Street, so we pedestrians were kept waiting a little longer than I had anticipated. I was

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Keeping our batteries well charged!

Hi there,

I have been very busy working on a project at the moment and slowly I realised I was being less effective. The time it took to do things was longer than usual. My mind was wandering. And still I pushed on. Then it struck me, I was not taking that time out to recharge my batteries. As tough as it was to leave the project unfinished I went to visit a friend.

We had a great lunch, shared a few stories since we last met and then took off into the mid afternoon air. It was great – the birds were chatting away, the autumn leaves were golden, the sky was fantastic with plump clouds

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A thought for you….

Hi there,

I have been speaking at a business seminar recently about getting the most from yourself and your team for your business. This is critically important in these interesting times that we are experiencing. I am finding that realationships come under strain and also some self limiting behaviours start to creep in, unnoticed. Are you finding this at a personal level or a business level? Many people are and it is vital to consider what can be done.

Interestingly Carl Jung said:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

So perhaps some questions to ask that will give you that focus.

How am I getting on with my

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