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Intensive Development Workshop
Programme Outline

“Creating new horizons for you and your business”


This new programme has been designed to provide a brilliant opportunity for new, and existing consultancies, coaches, trainers to rapidly discover and master a strong portfolio of materials to work with micro, small and medium sized businesses (the SME sector). The material provides a robust framework that can be used with fantastic and fast results. The programme has three distinct parts:

Part 1 – Making sure your own business is set up properly.

Part 2 – Working with the programme materials to use with your clients that will provide maximum impact and rapid results. These are broken down over three distinct phases:

Phase 1 – Reviewing a business

Phase 2 – Designing/Challenging the business for future focus

Phase 3 – Building/Developing the business for growth

Part 3 – Looking at growing your own consultancy.

The reason this programme has been developed is because my own mentor was amazed with my work. She then told me in no uncertain terms that I should be teaching my material to others! Too many businesses are failing through lack of good advice from people with the right knowledge and right attitude – this programme equips you to be a trusted advisor.

How is the programme delivered and what is included?

The programme delivery and materials provided include the following:

  • 3-day intensive residential workshop specially designed to ‘teach’ the material. This will be in a high class hotel which is conducive to learning. Everything is included with the exception of personal extras. This has been done so that your focus is on learning with everything else taken care of. So 3 nights accommodation plus all meals and refreshments over the 3 days.
  • Full documentation to support the learning over the intensive 3 days.
  • Full workbooks produced to a high standard to be used over the workshop.
  • Copies of the business models.
  • Templates to use.
  • Suggested agendas to use with clients.
  • Case study experience.

You will leave the development workshop with the following:

  • The knowledge to use the material straight away.
  • ‘Soft’ copies of all of the materials available to use with your clients – including slides, templates, documents.
  • Selected appropriate books that will form a valuable business library.
  • After the residential teaching there is e-mail and telephone support.
  • Booster days will follow after one month and also after three months.

Note: If you are currently in business and use it as your own live case study you will have undertaken a full review and know where action can be taken to make it more effective and profitable.

Why are there 3 parts to the programme?

The genesis of the programme was Part 2.

This explains how to work with a client and provide impactful consultancy and advice to help them develop their business. The areas covered in part 2 are embraced in a 3-phase model:

Phase 1 – Reviewing a business.

Phase 2 – Designing/Challenging the business for future focus.

Phase 3 – Building/Developing the business for growth.

This structure allows support to be provided over one, two or all three areas so that the client can be taken on a ‘journey’. This is a journey where a good relationship will be developed with the client. The flexibility of the material means that there is no rigid process, rather, more a series of interventions to help the client and make sure it works for your consultancy too. All of the material does have a ‘stand alone’ nature so parts can be used in isolation when needed but when used as a whole the impact can be significant.

All of the materials have been tried, tested and proven with clients. They are drawn from a substantial portfolio that has been developed over a significant number of years. There is no ‘new fad stuff’ and anything time weary has long since gone.

 Part 1 was developed when it became clear that some businesses are not set up correctly to protect the owners.

The assumption was that good advice is usually given – but when a needless case of personal bankruptcy was witnessed, and caused after poor professional advice, it became clear that for an existing consultancy a ‘health check’ would be good practice. This was reinforced when another business was also seen, needlessly, to go bankrupt. In both cases it was sad to see that good people had reached midlife and penniless. For a new consultancy business a ‘route map’ will be valuable and, if needed, the business can be set up on your behalf.

Part 3 is included to help you develop a successful practice with highly useful information on how to generate new clients.

The advantage of part 3 is that it also provides very valuable information for use with clients too. This is therefore like a two sided coin – it can be used on one’s own business and with clients.

So the overall picture of the programme is:

What is the objective of the programme?

The objective of the programme is to enable you to feel confident to work with a client and help them critique and develop their business. You will be able to do this straight after the workshop. The context of the material will provide the rigour needed for you to work with SMEs. Crucially you will be seen as a trusted advisor who is helping them.

Whilst all of the materials are designed as ‘stand alone’ and are complete in their own right they can be blended with your existing materials – to add a new string to your bow or increase and strengthen your offering. The programme is therefore ideal as both a start-up business consultancy and as new material to add to an existing portfolio.

What next?

I am aware that this provides only an outline of what the programme covers. It is important to make sure that the programme is right for you and therefore essential that we speak. So the next step is for us to have a completely no obligation conversation.

So let’s speak!

Call +44 (0) 1905 21216 and let’s talk – this may well be the opportunity that you have been looking for. Or please go to the contact page and send an email if that is easier.

Our conversation will be totally free of any pressure – I guarantee.

My best wishes,



Peter Johnson

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