Battle of Gheluvert – 100 years ago

The significance of dates in history sometimes start to wane as the years flow past. I have little doubt that most people will remember the year 1914 – the first year of the First World War. It is also worth remembering the impact that war had all those years ago, and how very different the world was compared with now. It also bears some time to ponder on how the world would have changed if the result of that war was different.

The type of clothing was so different from today as were the methods of transport, communication, diet and food, equipment, weapons in war – the list goes on. So some things change yet the impact

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Longboat cafe

In our ever growing cafe culture it is usually a delight to make some time for a slow coffee. Or if the need is for a swift break in a busy day, a cafe always is a welcome sight.

I was out recently and started to think about heading back into ‘civilisation’ so I could hunt out a cafe – it was well past coffee time and I also hoped to combine an early bite of lunch too. I was just looking at the lock of the canal I was near when I noticed the longboat in the picture.

What a welcome sight. As you can see it was a dull day, also with a chill in

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