Are you a player or spectator?

I have been fortunate enough over most of my life to be gifted with a curiosity that has meant that I never seem to ‘settle’. There is always something else to look at, something more to explore, something to investigate, to learn. With each stone that seems to get turned over to see what is underneath, I am truly amazed at what appears. Truly amazed – whether this a new word, a new recipe, or a new country that I am about to explore.

As you will know from many of my articles, I have a fascination with personal development. This can be my own development or that of others. One of the things I love to

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Turning up the heat!

I am always fascinated by business. The way they work, the people who work and run them, the amazing creativity that goes on behind the scenes. So many ways to develop ideas and become innovative to make them work. Also it is really interesting to discover just how different the approach can be to create the product.

Recently I was invited to see how tomatoes grow, and whilst at first pass this may not sound that interesting, the visit was fascinating. Like many, I have grown tomatoes at home in the garden and struggled to get them to ripen, so the production of green tomatoes chutney formed one of the ways to deal with the glut, when

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What are you missing in the haste of the day?

As our world speeds up due to the technology we now have, and the seemingly huge demands that are placed upon us to be active and involved, I sometimes wonder if we are becoming less involved. Often, the seemingly busyness can mean that we do not see what there is to see, do not hear what there is to hear, and in our café culture, the speed of eating may mean that we do not appreciate and taste what we eat.

I had decided to walk between appointments in London, and on one longer stretch of walking I passed a favorite place that I had not visited for a while. I have enjoyed many an evening dining

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