An unexpected discovery

I have shown this picture to a number of people who have been rather amazed by the scene.

In a couple of cases there was concern that the plane was in trouble. I must admit when I initially caught sight of the image in the sky, I too had a hasty ‘double take’.

I was fortunate to have my camera and so could zoom in and see what was happening at closer quarters, and all was safe.

I took the picture a couple of months ago in the early evening, and the reason the vapour from the aeroplane’s engines is red, and not white, is because of the setting sun. The colour of the setting sun had

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Blue sky

One of the things I love about the early Spring is the clarity of the light when we do have a clear sky.

There has been a significant chill in the air in the early morning which has created a damp and thick mist. Once the days have started to unfold, and the sun started to penetrate the mist, one can soon realise that a lovely day is in store. On this day I was so captured by the bright blue sky that I took a picture – the sky was just so blue with exceptional clarity. Perhaps made the more attractive by the grey days of winter that are still a recent memory.

As I looked

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Have you got a spring in your step?

I was on my way to a meeting, stepping out and enjoying the walk in the fresh spring air. It was a wonderful clear day, and after what has seemed like a dull winter, it was lovely to have the sun shining so brightly. I am not normally too fretful if it is not always dry and sunny – I do spend a lot of time outdoors, so it is a fact that I will experience a variety of changeable weather here in England. Providing I am suitably dressed, I can just get on with it.

The change from the dull days to this wonderful bright one was very marked. It seems as if mother nature had

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