What deeper discovery can you make?

I have been speaking with a number of people from various parts of the world, who have seen the flood news on TV, and have been asking if I am okay. Also, many people who I have met at events outside the area have been asking too. This concern is well appreciated as so many people have suffered during past weeks.

Worcester, England is very familiar with the sudden expansion of the river that flows through the heart of this fine City.

As pervious articles have shown, it can be quite spectacular. This got me thinking about the markers that have been placed at the rear of the Cathedral, over many years. The picture you see

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Anyone for cricket?

Well, the floods that have been troubling so many across Britain have made sure their presence was felt in Worcester too.

Flooding is not new to Worcester, although every time it happens it looks so spectacular as you can see from the picture. In past articles you will have seen the flooding of the racecourse too.

What you may not realise is, this is the rear of the world renown Worcester Cricket Club – according to many professional cricketeers, one of the best ground in the world. Well, it is quintessentially English with the splendid cathedral a picture perfect backdrop. A cathedral which has been there for over 1000 years.

The grounds staff at the Club are

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A new year beckons

With Christmas a fading memory and the New Year due to start it was a great opportunity to get some boots on my feet and go for a good stiff walk. Well that was the original plan but as the weather had been so rainy of late I decided that a gentle walk would probably more enjoyable.

In England we have experienced some significant rainfall recently, which had sadly made some people’s festivities a rather more trying time than they had planned. Many people had been left without power to cook their Christmas dinner, or heat their homes. Some sadly had also been flooded. Compared with many people around the world, what we had suffered here on

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