Are you a leader?

When business leaders have been asked what they wish they had known 10 years earlier that would have made them more successful, the answer turns out not to be what most would expect the answer to be. The assumed answer is more business skills, knowledge on IT, leadership or management. The real answer is ‘more about themselves’. Interesting and revealing!

So as a leader, what can you do to learn more about yourself?

Well a significant amount of research has been undertaken into the understanding of self. The leading authority on this is Carl Gustaf Jung, the Swiss psychologist, who died over 50 years ago. His legacy is the very practical approach of his work, whilst he

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Tradition or habit?

What a wonderful day! Well that was my approach to the start of a lovely day I was going to have in London. I had been presented with an unexpected gift of time that you may have noticed is becoming a part of my schedule. The reason for this precious gift was a deferred workshop I was running for a valued client. They had encountered a few extra pressures on the lead up to the festive season, so it was beneficial for everyone concerned to reschedule into the New Year. This will be a great start to their year, and also a great start to mine, as I know I have a few more aspects of learning

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Are you at a crossroads?

I have been travelling along this road for far more years than I dare to think about. Often on a familiar route we start to ignore many of the familiar sights. I am sure I am no exception, and much on this road I am sure I have long since stopped seeing. The one thing that I know I almost always notice is this wonderful old signpost. It marks a point where I do often make a turn. But it is also on a straight part of the road, in trees, where I do also frequently drive past. I know I do notice it though.

Of late it has started to look rather neglected, and as you

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