A chance encounter

I was in London a few days ago for some business meetings, and as it turned out, with delightful people, positive in their outlook and keen on business development. The time passed quickly as the conversations unravelled, and the range of subject matters covered was large.

I was keen to catch an earlier train than normal. I had a busy week, with much still to do, so I headed on my way in the mid-afternoon. Interestingly, I met a former client just as I started to head for a cab. We had a quick catch up conversation, agreeing to meet up a little later in the month. We have always got on well so know that a

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Gifts of time can be sky-blue!

I was afforded a ‘gift of time’ the other day when a scheduled meeting was postponed. At the time I was close to the refurbished St Pancras railway station, the home of the high-speed train service since 2009, after the move from Waterloo. It was the first time I had been to the station for many years, and certainly the first time I experienced the sight, first hand, after all the recent work had been completed.

It is an amazing sight too, and such a fantastic testament to the Victorian engineers and builders who created this masterpiece. I have recently been reading a book titled: How England Made The English, by Harry Mount, and it never ceases

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Thinking outside the box.

This is a phrase that so annoys me! It assumes someone knows what my ‘box’ is, or that I know what someone else’s ‘box’ is. Sadly, it is part of the management speak that has crawled into use. I am not feeling that smug though, I am sure many clichés have become part of my vocabulary and I am no longer even aware, until someone taps me on my vocal shins.

I was running an intensive workshop for a client and when I surfaced into the light of the remaining day, I was struck by the picture you can see.

It may not be clear in the picture, but each parking space is protected by a post

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Wave GoodBye To Back Pain

Well, this week 7 – 11 October is back awareness week. It also coincides with the launch of the new cover of my highly acclaimed book ‘Wave Goodbye To Back Pain’. In fact there are two books available.

These books are about the personal journey I took to recover from a major back problem. A problem from which one health care professional stated that I would never walk properly again. A consultant neurosurgeon stated that unless I changed my lifestyle I would be in a wheelchair at 50.

Well I did not have surgery, can walk properly and clearly I am not wheel chair bound – I’ll leave you to judge my age!

I chose to be

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Does The Blue Cockerel have a voice?

Trafalgar Square in London is the home of what is called the “4th Plinth” and it is where works of art are displayed for a period of time before being replaced with something new. In some of my past articles you may well have seen other such objects. At the time of writing there is a 4 metre tall blue cockerel standing on this plinth as proud as can be. Fortunately it does not have a voice – or does it?

The other three plinths have long standing monuments, and, as many people know, the Square is also world famous for the lions that are usually being climbed over by people form all corners of the

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