The Management of Change

The management of change, or as it is often called, “change management” has become hugely popular over recent years. Many management consultants have set up offering advice in this area. Significant areas of business, and especially the public sector, have spent considerable sums of money undertaking change programmes. Business schools, and other organisations, have conducted research into this area. It is also rare for business magazines not to have a mention of this topic.

So what is new?

I was recently speaking to a group of top professionals and my speech was entitled ‘Lessons from a dinosaur’. Even though I am a touch past the first flush of youth, this was less about my experience and age!

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A bench to remember

This bench caught my eye and it inspired a few thoughts.

What does it make you think about?

One of the wonderful pleasures of life is sitting on a bench with someone and having a good conversation. Sometimes the conversation will be deep. Sometimes it may, as our American friends say, simply be ‘shooting the breeze’. Sometimes it is enough to sit in quiet enjoying the company of the person we are with. Whatever it may be though, these moments can be for sharing.

One of the interesting aspects of sitting on a bench is that rather than facing directly opposite someone, as when at a table, we have a common view. It is also easier to

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Allowing deeper discovery moments!

It is interesting to notice what is going on around us, albeit so often we are absorbed in our own thoughts. Or thoughts that someone else has triggered.

As you can see in the picture, there is an empty path, wonderfully dappled with the early evening sunlight. A light that has is ‘heavier’ and has more depth than the strong sunlight at noon.

For once my mind was a little less busy and I noticed just how the light was playing between the trees. How the freshly cut grass was standing upright, and looking lush after a few days of rain. It was one of those moments when all else seemed to have less importance, one of

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Making a new start.

How often do we get the opportunity to make a new start?

This was a question I was pondering over recently. In life there are so many changes that confront us, some small some rather bigger. Mostly we just look to get around them and move on.

This picture is the start line of the Shelsley Walsh Hill climb in Worcestershire, England. It is the oldest continually used racetrack in the world, having started in 1905; the motor club whose home it is was founded in 1901.

The objective is for a car to race as quickly as it can from the bottom of the hill to the finishing line at the top. This is timed

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