‘I have a dream.’

These are the words that Martin Luther King Jr spoke to the 250,000 supporters at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, on 28 August 1963.

Fifty years ago today.

The following year he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and tragically assassinated in 1968 when still only 41.

As I was mulling over the importance of his speech, the powerful words he spoke, the determination he had for his ‘four little children’, I was wondering what his reaction would be if he were to see what progress had been made. How much has changed over those 50 year years? How much still has to change?

It also got me thinking about what our own dream is. Do take

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Creating a deeper discovery of self

We live in a world that seems to spin ever faster and it is clear that there is no intention of it slowing. So much going on, so many demands on our time, so many choices, so much information, so much noise, so many decisions that need to be made….often right now (or so we, or others, think)!

We live in a world that has become a ‘connected society’. The ever-easier access to information and other people. We have phone, text, email, a whole raft of social media, radio, video, games, music, film, instant sports, news as it breaks and more right at our fingertips. Wherever we are. Things that even only 50 years ago would have

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