Rocking horse generals

In Trafalgar Square, London there is a ‘spare’ plinth that various works of art rest upon. These pieces change on a regular basis and I always keep an eye out to see what is current. In a previous blog there was a picture of a large bottle with a ship inside. On this occasion I saw the rocking horse with young boy in the saddle. (There is also a bird on his head taking a rest or a higher view – usually this would be a pigeon as the Square is well known for these birds. On this occasion I can confirm it is a seagull.

Anyway, bird aside, I was caught by the image of the

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The world’s oldest newspaper….

I am sure that there will be other comments about which is the world’s oldest newspaper but the claim is held by Berrow’s Worcester Journal. You may just make out from the picture that the date established was 1690. I think one of the riders that I have read elsewhere is ‘continuously published’. I just think this is incredible and a real piece of living history.

We now live in a world of speedy electronic communication where messages can reach other parts of the world in seconds and still the good old newspaper continues. A copy is delivered every week and I always enjoy a look through. It records local news, lots of articles to interest local

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Sauce of the Worcestershire kind!

As you enter Worcester City in England, by train, there is a factory sign that peers from the medley of buildings with the title ‘Lea & Perrins’. Just like many signs on factories it highlights the business’s name. Some will instantly recognize the name, for many more it is just another name that sits on top of the industrial architecture that has been built in seemingly random fashion over a century or more.

So what is in this name? Worcestershire Sauce is made here. It is a spicy brown liquid that is often seen in bars, kitchens and dinning rooms the world over. I remember many years ago seeing a bottle of this sauce in a bar

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Who designed your laptop?

Bill Moggridge died in September 2012. This was not a name I recognized when I spotted the article mentioning this sad occasion, all the more sad as he was born in 1943, so not an old man.

He died in San Francisco, USA having lived in California for the past 30 years.

Bill Moggeridge was an English designer and the man responsible for the design of the first laptop computer. This was launched in the early 1980s. There had been other portable computers developed but it was the ‘clamshell’ design that he created where the screen folds over the keyboard. If one looks in any café, on the train, offices and homes we will all see people

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A child, parent or adult attitude to your development

I was running a small private event using Insights Deeper Discovery recently and delighted with the group I was working with. All people were keen to develop themselves, all people were self employed, and all people had chosen to invest in their own development. For people who are self employed the cost of the day has a double hit – there is the cost of the event plus the opportunity cost of their time – they could be earning a fee elsewhere.

The colourful mat you see in this picture is the one I use, but sadly on this occasion not in such a scenic setting! It was a British winter with snow outside, but thought this

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