Cargo or crew?

Some years ago I heard the term ‘are you cargo or crew’. It is clear what this means – are you working or being carried.

I was with a client recently where we are working one:one. They are really keen on their own development. They want to make the business they head so much more effective, and a better place to work. They have done their own Insights Discovery Profile and are very self-aware. The impact this is having on their direct team is clear to see. The intention is to complete Insights Discovery for the whole management team in the near future.

Why, well I asked the simple question ‘who is cargo and who is crew?’

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What’s age got to do with it?

On 19 April 2013, it was the birthday of the oldest known living person in the world. He is Japanese and 116.

In spite of the freeing of legal restraints and the economic downturn most people are looking to retire from work in their 60s. If we can live another 50 years beyond our ‘normal’ retirement age perhaps we need to think anew as we will spend more time in retirement than in work.

This really got me thinking!

I have mentioned before that I am accredited in Insights Deeper Discovery and I have been reviewing the way this exciting, and in my opinion, life changing work can be integrated more fully with the clients I work

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What is the right attitude?

There is a lot of criticism of the youth of today. Well, I am here to put the record straight. If you wish to believe the fiction so often written elsewhere you can stop now. If you wish to read some inspirational truth read on….

I specialise in individual, team and business development. I write, speak and publish. I am a mentor of Insights Discovery and the worlds first accredited Insights Deeper Discovery practitioner. A Director of the Year award winner. I mention this as I am really proud of the opportunities I have been given. It also means I meet some really successful people, some are clients.

I generally work with adults, but quite recently I

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Do you get your big rocks in first?

I met with a client last week and we were discussing the fast pace of life that we all seem to lead. It is clear it is not going to slow up anytime yet! Indeed, with all of the ways we have of communicating with each other in a consistent, and at times, persistent way, it is set to get more demanding. If we let it, our time can be spent reacting to others and keeping the hungry mouth of communication fed.

This got us onto thinking about prioritisation and what is important. Too often we find ourselves busy with the small things and end up not having time for the bigger issues.

This led onto a

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