How many people walked on the moon?

I was at a delightful dinner a short while ago and the conversation was as good as the wonderful food. We were discussing achievements and a range of other linked topics when an old question popped into my mind. I think partially stimulated by this picture I took of the moon only a few days before.

How many people had walked on the moon? Well, the answer is 12, and after a light challenge regarding the accuracy of my number, I did return home and check my facts. The answer is correct.

The follow-on question was how many were Boy Scouts? Again I had a light challenge regarding the answer – which is 11. I also checked

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Are you putting in the fuel first?

I was in the Cotswolds, England, today and whilst dry, it was bone bitingly cold. The sky was a steely bright grey casting a light that had no warmth. A delightful day certainly, but everyone seemed wrapped up against the early morning chill and busy running their errands.

I had been up early and well in front of my time plan. I had already collected the groceries I needed for a lunch I was giving, so a hot coffee had a significant attraction.

Although still early, I called into one of my favourite coffee shops. Other than a couple of ladies chatting away, and waiting for a friend, the place was quiet. There was a roaring

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