The Hive in Worcester – are you getting noticed too?

The picture you see is The Hive in Worcester, England. It is a building that has caused some local controversy due to the design – some people love it whilst others are less convinced.

One thing that is clear, the concept is ‘different’.

The building houses the first combined university and public library in Europe. Another achievement has been the recognition of the design and it is on the list of potential buildings being considered for an architectural award. Like it or not, it has been noticed.

As I was walking past the building, I stopped and took this picture. It is from the far side of the river and it got me thinking.

A few questions

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Taking the long view……

I was out in the wonderful Cotswold countryside just after the snow had fallen, a few days ago, and it reminded me just how beautiful this part of England is. The air was crisp and cold but the sun made it feel fresh and welcoming. The sky a translucent blue with a light low cloud that heightens the colours. The Cotswold stone a warm, aged yellow.

The building you see in the picture is Broadway Tower. A folly that was built in 1799 for Lady Coventry – it sits at just over 300 metres. One of the requests was that it should be seen by Her Ladyship from her home in Worcester, some 35km away. It could

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Do you make a dry run…..?

In a previous article I shared a picture of the home straight at the races – but it was flooded. Things are now back to normal and to prove the point this picture shows the finishing straight now looking green rather than deep in water. At this time of the year there are no races, the course mostly frequented by people walking their dogs, out for a jog or a run, families out walking and small children learning to ride their bicycles – especially those who have been gifted one by Father Christmas.

As I was out for a walk it got me thinking about the race course and the immense flooding that had occurred. This new

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What deeper insights do we gain as we grow older?

Over the Christmas holidays I had a brief look through some photographs I took when I was in South America a couple of years ago and came across this delightful picture of a lady. She lived in a small village high up in the Andes mountains at nearly 5000 metres, and had lived there all of her life. It was a lovely place albeit for someone who lives near sea level both the views and the altitude did take my breath away in spite of being in the country for many weeks.

She was very content doing her knitting for her grand and great grand children, although sadly as my language was not too good it was

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