Are you adding new fuel to your learning?

As we start to get into the autumn and the need for heat in our homes and workplace becomes important it got me thinking about a large fire I saw a few months ago at Hampton Court, near London.

The fire in question was huge and was in the kitchen of this wonderful old palace. Each side there is a large stock of logs ready to fuel the fire. In the picture you may just see the iron bars that held the spits where various meats were roasted ready for the dinning rooms. A real kitchen where the responsibility of feeding vast numbers of people fell – and often with such an eminent and demanding hunger there

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Is our ‘web’ too invisible?

The other day we had the first major frost of the autumn. I was out early in the morning walking along in a frozen mist that hung over everything – it was wonderful and only just below freezing so not that cold. The light was fantastic as the sun was already trying to penetrate through, though just not yet up to the task. The day was forecast to be sunny and so it turned out with clear blue skies, albeit the temperature did not rise to double figures till well past lunch.

Back to the mist though. As I walked along it was lovely to see how nature adapts to the changes although not everyone is happy.

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