Autumn provides a deeper discovery

Well, here in England autumn has suddenly cast golden colours into our lives. And what glorious colours they are too. I never remember if the colours are always so magical at this time of year, but this year we seem to be in for a treat. Rather than it being the end of summer and lamenting the loss of the truly warm weather, yes, even in Britain lest we should forget, a new season beckons us.

It brings fantastic light, wonderful mornings where the mist hovers over the rivers and fields….and the trees pierce their way up into the sky defying the mystic web that shrouds them. Just wonderful if we allow the time to see and

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Business Consulting Programme

I have been working on a Business Consulting Programme for a number of years and have pulled together a vast amount of information that I have used successfully, in businesses and with clients, over many more years than I would care to remind myself about.

A while ago my mentor suggested in very clear terms that I needed to share this information much more widely due to impact that it would have in the business world. Taken aback at the directness of her enthusiasm I set to and have now created an intensive programme where I share my work. In the making of this programme I realised that there is so much that I take for granted

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Does anything need to change?

I have recently been updating my computer and an interesting challenge it has been too. I love the advances of technology and all that this helps us achieve in our world of work and play. I must admit though, that with each major step there is some pain before the gain. Merging the information held on a number of different devices, including some quite old but favoured laptops, has been a little more exacting than planned.

The move has gone well….with the support of people who are a little more familiar with the processes of technology. But the new equipment is a great step forward. It reminded me of the need to sometimes let go of the

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