Insights Deeper Discovery – The First Practitioner

On an earlier post I mentioned that I had been in Switzerland on a development programme which I was both enjoying and felt very privileged to be part.

Well, all of the hard work has paid off – it has been confirmed that I am the first person to be accredited in Insights Deeper Discovery… the world, so the first Insights Deeper Discovery Licensed Practitioner! Now this is a wonderful honour and a great tribute to the people who have been on the journey with me.

So what is Insights Deeper Discovery?

It is totally based on the work of Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist – and one of the reasons I was in Switzerland. We

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I should have known my onions!

Today, I had a very kind and well meaning email from a French gentleman who usually enjoys my blog posts. He had noted that my spelling and grammar was detracting from his concentration on my words….this time not really appreciating any wisdom!

Well, I must admit it was a poor show by me – and just in case you feel the urge to go and find the offending post, and rub salt into a wound, I can assure you that the clumsy words and typing have been corrected. I am sure there will be other errors both past and future, but this post did cap the lot…..and by some measure!!

One of the things I love about

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Are you going for gold…..?

The 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing and what an awesome spectacle it is turning out to be. It is just amazing to see the competitors showcase their brilliance and put all of their effort into the events that we see. The excitement of the events, the fantastic venues that have been created for sports people from all over the world to partake……and yesterday, 4 August 2012, turning out to be the best medal day for Britain since 1908 with 6 gold medals. Just brilliant!

Looking at the TV coverage it is so easy to forget all of the training and sacrifices that are required to even get to the games. The extra special ingredient

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