Prize winning is great, giving is better….

I was delighted last week to be able to pick up my award for the highly coveted Director of the Year award. This is made by the Institute of Directors. Sadly I was not the overall winner in my category but I was delighted to be runner up to a brilliant organisation that exports to the world, and has a highly respected global brand name – so a real achievement and a day to be proud from my point of view.

One of the reasons I was ‘in the frame’ was due to my contribution as a Trustee and former Chair of the Meningitis Trust. This is a wonderful charity that provides support and advice for

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Adding colour to life….

It is interesting what happens when one ‘lets go’ for a while and we allow our imagination to soar. I am a keen, albeit rather spasmodic, ‘painter’. Well, I enjoy playing with colour and seeing what surfaces rather than a true artist. It is only in recent years that I have migrated to oil paints and I must say I do have a lot of fun with the texture and way the material works – it is also much more forgiving than water colour.

I was driving along the other day and went past the end of a lane where I had enjoyed a day in a studio, playing with colours. The works that you can

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Do you ever get in a flap?

I was out by the river recently early on a delightful summer day. The trees were lush and green and all was at peace in my world. As I walked along I was ‘followed’ down the river bank by some swans – quietly going about their business of moving from where they had been overnight to some place were I am sure they knew breakfast awaited.

They are truly gracious birds that when all is calm are serene and well composed. As you can see in the picture this fellow was well groomed and certainly seemed at peace in its world. Shortly after i took this picture three of the swans decided they wished to move

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