Putting a bright foot forward

This pair of brightly coloured footwear came to my attention whilst I was in Switzerland on a development programme. The owner, a delightful young man was very engaging and we discussed the vibrancy of the colours. They certainly break convention for normal business attire. In the case of these shoes they started a great conversation too.

One of the things I am known for are my speeches on first impressions and the impact that we make – indeed there is a special report on this subject in my website Products section. I sometimes tie this in with Insights Discovery – the behavioural preferencing tool that I so love. This tool can help clients take great strides in

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Why listen a second time?

I was in Switzerland recently on a new development programme adding to my knowledge of Insights Discovery – an amazing opportunity. Made all the more special as I am one of the first people to experience this new work….more of that all in good time!

My bedroom overlooked Lake Zurich, and the weather was crystal clear as you can see from the picture. Switzerland is known for the cuckoo clock, albeit I did not see one whilst I was there. The one clock I did see was on the church close to my room, which had two faces visible from where I stood. This picture was taken early in the morning, even though with travelling and

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A sixtieth anniversary remembered.

We look forward to the sixtieth anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II this June and celebrate a fantastic achievement with her. Her dedication and service to people has been huge and touched so many people in a positive way across the world.

I was out walking on New Year’s day and noticed the inscription on the monument that you see in the picture. It reads:


“Erected in commemoration of the sixtieth year of Queen Victoria’s reign.”

So long service is not something new to the Royal family. It makes us appreciate that some people whether through birth or sheer commitment to a cause place the importance of their service above all else.

So as

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