Lighthouses provide insights

We all know of the value of a good lighthouse. And no more so than someone who has been brought up with the sea. It provides a beam of light that can reach the horizon on a clear day or night – with its unique timing and interval that references which lighthouse it is. Also on a misty day it will bark out it’s noise into the grey blanket that hangs over the sea which hides the perils in the water.

On a delightful sunny and calm day the lighthouses look so attractive and seem so peaceful. Yet on a stormy day the force of the sea is amazing and can be hugely destructive. That is why

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Do you take time to think?

Over the past few weeks I have been wrestling with something that has been challenging my mind. It is all very positive and whilst imperfect action is usually better than taking too much time for perfect action, I need to make sure what I do is good both for my client and for myself satisfaction.

One of the great thinkers of fiction is Sherlock Holmes. The legendary detective who could solve mysteries, often criminal, where others failed. Now I am not saying my ‘issue’ is of a criminal nature!! Far from it. But, it did make me recognise that sometimes it is wise to take time for some good thinking.

Too often in our world we are

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Do you make your vote count…..?

Here in the United Kingdom we have just undergone our local elections. These also included the election for the new Lord Mayor of London. When I went to vote there had been few people at the local polling station and the people in attendance were not expecting a very busy day. One of the things that a true democracy does embrace is the feeling that we live in a free country. A country where we can influence change, can make our voice heard, can make a stand against something that does not accord with our wishes.

In past years this is something that many countries around the world have managed to attain. One remembers the people who

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A problem to solve?

I was walking across Trafalgar Square recently and there were very few pigeons to be seen. One of the things this square is famous for is its pigeons and on many historical photographs you will see hundreds of these birds.

So where had they gone? Well I noticed the other side of the square there was a very good reason why they were not there – a hawk! Pigeons are not happy with hawks as they are often on their menu. I recognised the bird as a Harris Hawk, and was interested in what was going on so spoke to the person holding this wonderful looking bird. Apparently he was commissioned to walk around the square with

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