The pride of discovery

After many years of developing ourselves either for a sport, a hobby or for our work we are sometimes challenged to see if we can win. This may be in a race, a competition, or in the examination room.

I well remember all of the occasions just mentioned. As a keen sports person there is many a race I have won and felt the rush of joy by reaching the finishing tape first, the victory of the competition just won, even the satisfaction of working hard for an examination and feeling a glow when I know I can answer all of the questions that challenge my knowledge.

Like many though, I have also felt the disappointment

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Enjoy today….

I was walking a few days ago with a friend on a wonderful crisp late winters day. The sky was bright but full of white cloud and the temperature hovering around freezing – so a good stiff walk kept us warm and encouraged us to keep on the move. We set out to walk about 20km in beautiful scenery and one of the interesting points of our walk was the small village of Avebury in Wiltshire, England.

Many people will have heard of Stonehenge but far fewer have heard about the stone circle of which you see a small part in the picture. The circle is so large that it embraces a large part of the

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Need some business fuel?

I am running an event soon that is targeted at business owners or key decsion makers in businesses in the Worcestershire area of England.

One of the things that I have noticed and is well proven in research is that the people who keep their knowledge growing are the ones who are most resilient in developing a successful business. One of the problems of being a business owner is that sometimes it can be very lonely at the top – there are things that you feel unable to discuss with people in the business and also sometimes there are things that you do not wish to take home to discuss. So where do you go?


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Investments in our memory bank pay rich dividends…

As the new year pushes forward it is sometimes important to…stop…and remember special moments.

I was speaking with someone recently and this reminded me of such a time that is stored in my memory bank. There are already new year lambs in the fields and not so long ago I was looking at the wonderful sight you see in the picture. The snow falling, sheep seemingly happy as the temperatures were not too low. The sounds muffled by nature and a roaring log fire awaiting within.

A fire which we would eat a hearty lunch in front of, share good conversation and enjoy each other’s company.

Sometimes it is wonderful to drawn on this memory bank

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