Look after yourself……first!

I was on a plane to Eire recently for a 3-day weekend business conference – a time to work on my objective for the year and take some time out to review what I do. It is so easy to be busy with all the things that grabs our attention, that we fail to find the time to review where we have reached and what next steps are needed. Or perhaps wanted.

It was a glorious day to be flying and we took off on time with an expected early ETA – always a delight, as many fellow travellers will know. As someone who used to fly regularly, and often end up with delays and pressurised agendas,

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Insights Discovery & discovering insights….

I was recently working with some clients, and what a great start to a new year. We were using Insights Discovery to provide some really good and useful development that is brilliant for the individual, the team and the business. These clients are great people, good at what they do and part of a successful business – and they continue to invest in their own development.

This is an interesting ‘take’ on some of the doom and gloom we are continually subjected to from the media and every other naysayer we come into contact with.

Perhaps there is a reason why these people are successful…..could it be to do with the reality that they continue to invest

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A New Year message from the tree of learning….

I was in Scotland a few days before Christmas and, as you can see, the weather was wonderfully seasonal. This was even more powerful for me as I was being taken to see one of the oldest trees in Britain. It lent a silence to the moment with the snow softly falling so there were no other sounds around – so perfect.

It is amazing to think that this tree has been slowly growing for thousands of years and vastly predates both the church it is next to and the religion that the church was constructed to celebrate.

A special place, and a special tree.

The tree had the profound effect of making me think about

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