What memories are you going to save?

As we draw to end of another year the newspapers capture some of the memories of the past 12 months. Some make us smile, some make us sad, some may even make us mad.

So I was having a think about some of the things that were important moments or events during my year – and what a great year it has been for all manner of reasons. It also reminded me of a picture I took whilst in London earlier in the year, which, to my suprise, was still the same only a few days ago on my last visit. It is a large bottle, with a ship inside, set on a plinth high in

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Do you read the signposts…..?

The picture shows a sign stating both the distance in miles to different destinations and also the number of ‘locks’ to get there. The locks are an amazing feat of engineering which allows boats to go up or down hill on a water way. The distance and locks shown are 29 miles and 3 locks or 30 miles and 58 locks. Clearly one journey is going to require significantly more stages to get to the destination. Also there is going to be a lot of work and waiting required to navigate the locks.

And one journey is on a river which will be flowing whilst the other is on a canal with still water.

So all

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