Do you have swan like elegance?

I was walking by a river the other day and saw this swan elegantly gliding past. The movement was effortless and it got me thinking about some of the best manager or leader I have known. Perhaps a slightly odd link, but do bear with me and you will see where I am going with this.

Most of the best managers and leaders I have ever worked for have invested a lot of time and money in their own management development and leadership development. And I do distinguish between the two. This personal development has enabled them to ‘go with the flow’ to link back to the swan – or so it seems. What is happening though

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What do the seasons challenge you to change?

As the summer draws to a close here in Britain we are blessed with some warm days that have a freshness to their start. We are also blessed with some wonderful colours as the leaves, that have provided shade and green over the months, start changing into the autumn hues that herald the start of the next season.

This change orchestrated by nature is a picture always well worth admiring. It also leads the change when the days start to grow ever shorter and the night longer. We start making the adjustments to what we wear, what we eat. The occasional need to have some heat at home, or at work, to take the chill off the

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Insights Discovery can reveal the real you…….

I love Insights Discovery! It is such a brilliant profiling tool to help people make a major step in their own development and enhance the performance of their business too.

I have recently been working with some new clients and it is brilliant to see the way they adopt the insights they gain into the own management development. It helps them create an ‘edge’ in what they do that can help with their competitive advantage.

One of my roles is marking the papers of aspirational licensed practitioners which they must complete, and pass, before they can practice and provide profiles. It is so inspiring marking papers when they have ‘got it’. I can sense the excitement of

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