First impressions really do count…..

I was at a large business the other day meeting with one of the top directors for an exploratory meeting to see if there was any mutual opportunity.

As always I was taking note of what this business was like to a visitor and potential supplier. It is not always the businesses that have seemingly deep pockets that get this right. And whilst this business did have deep enough pockets they had invested wisely to create a very pleasant visitor first impression. The front was wide, uncluttered and inviting. The inside was light and airy and the reception staff welcoming and helpful.

Also the attitude of the people I met was cheery and engaging in a business

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Positive realism – a useful tonic……?

I was sitting in a café in Exeter, England with a friend after a business meeting I had just completed. We were discussing the state of the economy and the world of work generally. It is quite clear that there are many problems in businesses at the moment with uncertainty caused by the general economic fragility of the western world. It is sad to note the impact this has on people and the dampening of enthusiasm when we live in a world that has advanced so far. Significant blame is laid at the door or our national leaders, and those who lead our organisations, about their inability to act or do what is considered by others as

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Learning and development is key….

I have recently been finalising some new learning of my own. I usually manage to undertake one main programme a year with a series of other shorter events that I attend. Some are good, some less so – always though there is some new learning and development for my portfolio. As I grow older my thirst for learning increases, keeping my own skills sharp and up to date are important for the work I do and the clients I work with. I also have a lot of fun with it too.

Sometimes when we are in the midst of things we can wonder why we started though… I found out a few weeks ago. I had committed

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