The cycle of learning….

I was in Oxford, England a couple of days ago meeting up with a client I had not seen for a while. As ever the conversation was good and always interesting to hear what they are doing with their management development work and the training of their large workforce. It is also interesting to see what leadership development they are undertaking too. These are areas of my expertise, interest and what I do.

I find it interesting that so many people at the top of businesses are very cautious of their own development whilst prepared to invest in people lower down the ladder. One of the things I have noticed over my may years in business it

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Be ‘back wise’….

Some years ago I had a major back problem which caused me a lot of issues. I spent a lot of time and money investigating what I could do to avoid surgery and get back to full health. After much trial and often painful error I managed to establish what worked.

I was at a business event a couple of years ago with over 100 other people and mentioned what had happened and that I was fine now. I was very surprised by the reaction – clearly many people in the room knew people they cared about who had back problems too. Well to cut to the chase the enthusiasm in the room was so high that

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Are you taking ‘note’……?

I was having a saxophone lesson the other evening and learning to play a series of test pieces to develop my speed and skill at reading the notes and then playing what I saw. My teacher, a very experienced player and teacher was ribbing me a little about my continued desire to make sure that I played every note right. The point he was making was that at my stage of playing it did not matter if I made mistakes. It is better to keep up the flow of the music and not to worry about missed notes – either forgotten or just wrongly played.

He illustrated this to me some weeks ago where he played

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