Is your management development worth the price of a tea?

Some while ago I wrote an article on the fact that most managers spend more on their daily coffee than they do on their own management development. I thought at the time that this would cause a few raised eyebrows. I also hoped that people would realise that it does not take that much money to make a difference in one’s own development. Clearly I was wrong!

I have been doing some very casual research recently regarding how much people are prepared to spend. The general answer is very little. A rather more comprehensive review shows that the extremes are vast. I have met with people who are investing many $000s (these are the very rare exceptions,

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Henley inspires teamwork…..

I was at a conference at Henley Business School, on the Thames, a couple of days ago and had a very useful day. The learning was top notch with good speakers and many thoughts that inspired new thinking. The variety of fellow attendees was as good as ever too, with some people flying in just for the day. I always think when that happens there is some serious commitment to their own continuing professional development.

During the day we had plenty of time to share thoughts with others who had attended but sadly not everyone, as there were about 80 people.

At the end of the day, after the sessions had ended, we went for a late

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