A path of least resistance…..

The other day I was walking along a footpath and saw the shortcut in the picture. This had been created by people walking from a nearby car park to the path. Whilst a little annoying that people had decided to make this unofficial path, because they were not prepared to walk the long way round, it got me thinking. The path did go in a loop and the new path was the shortest distance. And whilst the proper surfaced path only increased the distance walked by a small amount it was clearly sufficient to be enough to make a difference. You may also see in the picture that the people who cut the grass had the insights

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By a nose……

I was at the racecourse for the first event of the year when I took the picture you can see. It was a lovely day with a large crowd all set to have a good time. Insights into the preparation were clear – the grass was well tended, the fences looking perfectly even, the white railings glistening in the early afternoon sun and the staff from the course all noticeable as they wore green blazers.

It got me thinking about a whole range of things – how well managed the event was. The training by the owners and jockeys so their horses would perform well on the day. The leadership hoped for once the starting tap

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Are you using your senses….,?

As you are aware I love walking and was out yesterday evening on The Malvern Hills which I find to be a very special place. It is here the Sir Edward Elgar is said to have gained inspiration for many of the enigmatic pieces of music he composed. As I was getting into my stride I came across these glorious bluebells. They are such a wonderful flower that sadly only last for a short time. Mostly, they grow under the shade of trees as you can see here. It reminded me that in the UK we are well into the spring season – with all of the wonderful new colours and long days that are part and

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