Yes, white can mean black….

I was in London recently and it is a city where the quality of the taxi drivers is renown – in a very positive way I add! They have to complete something called ‘The Knowledge’ this is learning the whereabouts of a significant number of places, many historic – plus the location of some 25,000 streets in a 6 mile radius of Charring Cross Station, in central London. This is required so they use the best route to take their passengers – called ‘fares’. A test that has been in place since 1865 and is the worlds most demanding course for taxi drivers.

The taxis are known as ‘black cabs’ in much the same way that taxis

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Food for thought….

I was having coffee with my sister-in-law the other day, at a delightful café which we occasionally use. We sat outside as we wanted to watch the world go by while we chatted, even though it was quite cool. It was mid morning and I had eaten an early breakfast so I ordered a bacon sandwich with my coffee. I’ve had bacon sandwiches at a wide variety of places ranging from simple cafés, to decent hotels. Many good, some indifferent and the occasional one very poor. Today’s was exceptional, certainly one of the best I have ever had. So much so that after checking that it wasn’t only the appearance that was good – a large bite

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Look again…..

I took the picture you can see here standing in a similar position, on the bank of the River Severn in England, that I posted on 31 December 2010. The earlier picture appears to be black and white, even though it was taken in full colour. This was due to the severe cold in the winter and the river being completely frozen over (something I had never seen before). This later picture shows how the English spring is starting so well with wonderful hues of green bursting from the buds on the trees. The light has a freshness too with the sun casting a vibrancy of colour not seen in the earlier picture.

It is amazing how

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Have you taken stock recently?

I was proud to be one of the finalists at the Director of the Year Awards 2011, run by the Institute of Directors, on Thursday evening.

It was a delight to be in the company of 250 keen business people all working to deliver excellence for their organizations. There was a buzz in the room and great conversation. It is always wonderful to discover what other people do in their work – the sheer range and diversity never ceases to inspire me.

Some large organizations, some very small, some well established, some quite new. Isn’t it just fantastic what people do?

In the UK our tax year ends on 5 April and for this reason many organizations

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