What obstacles are in your way?

I was early for a meeting so I could take my time and see what was around the place I was going too. Always far more rewarding than rushing in with seconds to spare and rushing out to our next commitment.

It was a cold and very sunny morning and I came across this obstacle area for children shown in the picture. It was very well kept, all of the equipment seemed in top condition. As it was early in the morning, icy and a school day I was not surprised to see little activity.

The thing that struck me straight away was how similar it was to many such courses that are used for management

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What footprints are you leaving…..?

The attached picture may not seem very interesting at first sight although that should not put you off. If you look again you will see some indentations in the surface. They are in fact dinosaur footprints from about 60 million years ago. The impressions are in the surface of rock right in the middle of a cement factory. When the rock was being excavated they were found and fortunately preserved – this was in the mid 1990s. The finding is one of the largest collection of dinosaur footprints anywhere in the world, and a large variety of different types too. Over 5,000 footprints have been found at this site. Prior to that less than 100 footprints had

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