In the cold light of day…..

Over the past few weeks we have been experiencing some very cold weather and snow in the UK. This has caused problems for many people as they try and go about their daily routines. For some it has stopped many of their activities.

I visited a friend yesterday who has only just started to surface after 3 weeks of deep snow and impassable roads to her home. Whilst there are many ‘down sides’ to this weather there are also some positives too, if we care to take stock. These are just a few ideas….

The opportunity of cancelled meetings or activities that provide a wonderful ‘gift of time’ to complete other things that have been waiting

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Spending more on coffee than your own development…..?

FACT: Most people spend more on their daily coffee than they invest in their own development.

I have met many people who hold management positions who have never attended a single day of management development training – ever. These are people who have been appointed to manage others and deliver results for their organization. Now I find this interesting. I also find it shocking. I wonder if we would trust other people who have never been trained for their role. People such as the plumber fixing our gas boiler, the person who maintains our car and perhaps replaces the brake pads, our dentist. There is an expectation that as we move through our career management skills appear

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