The first Business School in the UK…..

Last week I returned to Henley Business School, where I am an alumnus. It was wonderful to turn off the road and follow the drive over the meadow where cows were grazing in the morning sun, on a lovely crisp day. One of the cows choosing, at that moment, to amble slowly across the drive so I had to stop. Giving me an opportunity to see rather than rush.

Henley Business School is set on the edge of the River Thames, just a short distance from the town where the world famous rowing regatta takes place every year. It was the first Business School in the United Kingdom and has always been one of the top

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Team work and trust….

What a lovely autumn we are having with such a fantastic range of colours starting to appear on the trees before they shed their leaves for the winter. It seems to have brought so many people out and I was pleased to see much activity on the River Severn too (the longest river in the United Kingdom at 354 km). It was quite early and already there were various boats on the river.

As I walked along there was a dragon boat moving well on the river to the beat of a drum. All of the people on board were dressed in similar red tops, so it was clearly a team. They seemed to be in

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Are you forgetting the effort you put in….?

What a lovely autumn day here in England. Just perfect with a clear blue sky, the onset of the autumn colours from the trees, the crispness in the air to keep refreshed and invigorated once one has got into a decent pace for walking.

Early this morning I heard, and then saw, a hot air balloon high in the sky over my back garden and what a lovely spectacle it made. I am sure it was a delight for those on board too. So I was rather surprised to see another one, in fact two, this afternoon taking to the skies when I was on one of my walks between the tasks I was working on. It

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Is your pressure correct…?

In my last post I mentioned that I had been spending time over the summer in South America. One of the interesting points I noticed on my travels was to do with the change that occurs with altitude. Anyone who has flown will have seen what happen to an empty plastic bottle between cruising and landing, even though the aircraft is pressurised. It rather surprised me when this happened to such an extreme amount on land.

I had been staying by Lake Titicaca, which is about 4,000 metres high (that’s about 13,000ft), and takes a while to get used to the thin air. To put that into perspective the highest mountain in England is 978 metres and

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