Are you always present with your clients?

It has been a wonderful day with brilliant sunshine and generally people feeling very uplifted. One of the beauties of the British Isles is that we have some wonderful weather albeit to listen to the average conversation anyone would think otherwise. I love the changing seasons, the relative unpredictability of it all and the fact that as the year unfolds so does the changing scenery, type of clothes we wear, the food we eat, the drinks we drink. Yes, there are some events that cause pain and problems but compared with other parts of the world we are very fortunate. Now this is not a ramble about the weather – a subject always on the tongues of

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What have you ringing in your ears……?

The sky was blue, the air fresh and the sun brightening everything up on a wonderful quintessentially English morning. I was walking along the river bank near Worcester Cathedral and it was a delight to see families out early with the children playing quietly or feeding the swans on the river. Also the air was filled with the ringing of the bells from the Cathedral. Apparently the bells are one of the best ‘rings’ in the world. A sound so familiar. A sound so stirring. A sound that I have heard so many times. Sadly, so often the pace of life means we do not stop the mental ‘noise’ that blocks out the splendid skill of the

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