Mistakes that create opportunity

On Saturday I met up with some friends at Oxford, England, and spent a great day chatting away and enjoying a long walk. It was raining when we first met at the railway station so a coffee stop was a good first point of call hoping the rain would stop. It didn’t, but keen to get on with our day we wrapped up well and set off.

During the early part of our walk I relayed the story that I have shared in an earlier post under the title ‘Are you taking an optimistic view?’

We soon came to a church that was a planned interest point and enjoyed looking around and speaking to the two

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The ‘big top’

I am sorry I have not been at my blog of late. I always enjoy writing my articles as it usually means something has caught my attention. Well, life has been very busy of late with client work, enjoying the wonderful spring weather and a series of meetings. Rather an interesting follow-on from my blog on ‘work life blend’.

The other day I was out walking and noticed that a circus had arrived in town and the colourful ‘big top’ had already been erected. It got me thinking about the fun and pleasure that circuses provide to the many people who go to see what amazing antics the performers get up to. It also got me thinking

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