Are you keeping your head up?

For those of you who have been following my blog you will have noticed a trend which entails walking. Something I love for many reasons, something I have been doing for many more years than I care to remember.

A key part of serious hill walking is having great footwear, and over the years I have worn out many boots. They become a trusted old friend and when it comes time to get a new pair, there are mixed feelings. The thought of pensioning off a reliable companion is always a concern. Also, as technology has usually moved forward, there will be new products on the market which is always interesting. In my time I have seen

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An interesting year lies ahead….

Hi there,

This probably sounds like a blindingly obvious statement to most people, especially with the stream of news that assails us at every opportunity. It is also one which you have seen before. Indeed, I have recounted it from a conversation I recently overheard. It is also something seen in articles from a range of sources including newspapers, magazines or heard from the radio, conversations, television. So what are you doing to make it an interesting year for you in your business world and perhaps more importantly to ensure it is a positive and interesting year that lies before you?

I have been speaking with a number of my clients over the past few days and

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A Volcanic Update

I have just been informed that the total sum raised so far from the 3 Volcano challenge, that I undertook last September, for the Meningitis Trust from has now exceeded £90,000. Great news for a great cause.

My thanks again for all of those who supported me.

My good wishes,


Goals For Our New Year

Happy New Year!

Today in Worcester, England, where I live it was a perfect winter day. Fresh crisp air, a lovely blue sky and a perfect day to clear the mind. So with thoughts of what the year ahead could hold in store I decided to have a good walk and look at things with renewed enthusiasm.

I chose to walk along the banks of the River Severn in Worcester(the Severn is the longest river in Britain). Such a delight and lovely to see so many people enjoying being outside and enjoying the company of those they were with. I always love seeing the children feeding the ducks and swans – what a picture the whole

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