Keeping our batteries well charged!

Hi there,

I have been very busy working on a project at the moment and slowly I realised I was being less effective. The time it took to do things was longer than usual. My mind was wandering. And still I pushed on. Then it struck me, I was not taking that time out to recharge my batteries. As tough as it was to leave the project unfinished I went to visit a friend.

We had a great lunch, shared a few stories since we last met and then took off into the mid afternoon air. It was great – the birds were chatting away, the autumn leaves were golden, the sky was fantastic with plump clouds

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Volcano update

Hi there,

Ooh and by the way if you have read my blog on the volcano challenge the sum now raised is over £80,000 – which is fantastic.

My good wishes.

A thought for you….

Hi there,

I have been speaking at a business seminar recently about getting the most from yourself and your team for your business. This is critically important in these interesting times that we are experiencing. I am finding that realationships come under strain and also some self limiting behaviours start to creep in, unnoticed. Are you finding this at a personal level or a business level? Many people are and it is vital to consider what can be done.

Interestingly Carl Jung said:

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

So perhaps some questions to ask that will give you that focus.

How am I getting on with my

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